Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Spring Arrival!

As many of you will know myself & Mrs Kiz welcomed our new baby girl Emily Rose into the world on March 3rd. As you'll see i've not posted on here for some time and doubt I will be doing much (if any) in 2014 as we are being kept busy! I hope you'll stick with the blog for when I eventually do return to the wonderful world of birding!


  1. Hi Andy
    Many congratulations to Mrs Kiz and yourself on the arrival of Emily Rose. I trust that you are sleeping OK and have energy to go out sometimes.

    Hope to see you down at CB shortly.

  2. Hi Bruce,

    Many thanks, emily is 15months now and doing great! I havent visited CB for some time as my hours have changed meaning i get a much shorter lunchbreak now. Hopefully i'll squeeze a visit in sometime, im sure the reserve has changed immeasurably since my last visit!