Friday, 29 November 2013

A bit late.... Cornwall Oct 13

I've been meaning to do a blog on my visit to cornwall for some time now but one thing and another seems to have conspired against me! I'll keep it short and sweet and just post some photos!
I spent lots of time at Hayle Estuary but didnt see much other than the usual stuff unfortunately!

On my second day I headed to penzance early morning and sat on my own in morrisons car park, I know it sounds odd but with good reason! A juvenile Rose-Coloured-Starling eventually gave itself up but was very elusive and flighty, saw the bird twice but no photographs! I moved on to long rock Marazion and managed to see this fantastic Great Northern Diver in summer plumage.

                                                                  Great Northern Diver

A few from Hayle Estuary

                                                                Common Buzzard
Bar Tailed Godwits

After the big storm had blown in a Hermits Thrush turned up at Porthgwarra, talk about being in the right place at the right time! I managed to see the bird a few ttimes in fading light on the evening of the day it was found, it was too dark for photos though!

The next day I got news of a juvenile White Rumped Sandpiper at Marazion so I headed out early. Myself and two other birders were the only ones there and after a long walk we managed to locate the bird on the incoming tide with a Dunlin. After lots of umming and aaah ing the bird started to bob in the typical sandpiper way which along with other features (scapular v's, white rump) confirmed we were looking at the right bird!

                                           White Rumped Sanpiper (L) & Dunlin (R)

And a few more from Hayle Estuary...

                                                     Oystercatcher with Redshank, Lapwing

Hopefully next time i'll get around to uploading sooner!

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  1. Great stuff with the GND makes the one at North Cave look a bit boring!!