Sunday 6 October 2013

Evening walk Bubwith - Aughton

I decided to go for an evening walk along the river today, a very pleasant day and felt warm for this time of year. Little about bird wise but an enjoyable walk on a route i've not done before.

34 meadow pippits were picked up on the walk, with many currently passing through the area on migration.

                                                                     Aughton Church
                                                                        River Derwent

Also along the way were 2 Moorhen, 1 Gadwall & 2 juvenile Little Grebe. 3 Cormorant flew overhead and one Common Buzzard.

                                                                Common Buzzard

Lots of aviation going on today, many will know im a bit of an enthusiast, so a low very low overhead pass by one with the pilot waving was a bit of treat for me!

                                                     Not sure what this is but it looked nice!
                               couple of Bat sp flying around before the light was lost, anyone able to ID?

This morning in my Garden:

                                                              Brimstone Butterfly (male)


  1. een heerlijke serie en dan in october nog zo,n mooie vlinder in je tuin.geweldig.

  2. Thanks Steifbeen, it was lovely to get that butterfly in my garden, never even seen one before!